Site Visit and Greetings of the Chairman of the Board and General Manager of the Container Terminal,,,

Site Visits and EID Greetings

15 April 2024 – Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzrabah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aden Ports Development Company, accompanied by Mr. Aref Hassan Al-Shaabi, General Manager of Aden Container Terminal, conducted a site visits to various sectors and departments of the Port of Aden. The visits included the Container Terminal of the Port of Aden, with the aim of greeting employees and assessing the level of administrative and functional discipline among workers and employees of various sectors of Port of Aden.

Dr. Amzrabah and Mr. Al-Shaabi toured the departments of the Container Terminal, greeted the employees, and thanked them for their efforts in serving this vital sector during the Eid holiday and other public holidays, given the importance of the port in serving ships, trade, and the economy of the country.

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