Visit of the Acting Chinese Ambassador to Aden Container Terminal

Chinese Ambassador at Aden container terminal

23 April 2024 – The Acting Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Xiao Qing, and the accompanying delegation visited Aden Container Terminal to observe the port’s activities and its diverse services in serving the goods imported to the Yemeni local market, especially considering that the Port of Aden serves as Yemen’s gateway to the world, relied upon to facilitate the arrival of giant container ships.

His Excellency the Acting Chinese Ambassador was welcomed by Dr. Mohammed Alawi Emzrabah, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Engineer Abdulrab Al-Khulaqi, Executive Vice President of the Yemen Gulf Ports Corporation, and Mr. Aref Al-Shaabi, General Manager of the Container Terminal, along with his deputy Mr. Fadel Al-Hujily.

The visiting delegation toured the quay of the container terminal and received a detailed explanation about the terminal’s activities, the number and sizes of arriving ships, and the importance of the Port of Aden as a key center for serving the requirements of the Yemeni market.

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